Standford Scientist Proved ChatGPT is getting dumber

Standford Scientist Proved ChatGPT is getting dumber
  • Some users have been claiming that ChatGPT is getting dumber and the famous smart tool isn’t responding with correct answers. Recently, a study at Stanford University and UC Berkeley showcased that GPT-3 and GPT-4 are struggling to provide the right answerers to the users. Over the period of a few months, they have noticed a change in both chatbots’ manners. Apart from flawed responses, the chatbots are unable to perform well in Maths. According to the research, in March 2023, ChatGPT 4 could effortlessly identify prime numbers, however, in June 2023, the intelligent bot performed poorly on the same question. Furthermore, both the bots had major faults when asked to generate codes in June.

    ChatGPT is Getting Dumber

    After the research came out, it took the internet by storm. People were surprised, that how the AI models, which were trained to be the most intelligent in the world, can fail in Maths and coding. Both of these fields are supposed to be their strongest suit. Now that people are doubting its credibility, the company’s vice president of product Peter Welinder came forward to dismiss the rumors by stating that the change was intentional. According to him, the company did not make the chatbots stupider but made them more smart than ever. He further stated that the changes that people experienced are due to massive use and it could be that’s why people are now discovering issues that they missed earlier.

    Standford Scientist Response to the Research

    However, on the foundation of the June 2023 update Stanford and Berkeley provide strong evidence in opposition to that claim. The researchers highlight that this demonstrable degradation over time contradicts OpenAI's claim that its models are improving, even though they don't offer explanations for why these downward "drifts" in accuracy and ability are happening. For the AI chatbot, which is already well-known for its errors, OpenAI's frequent upgrades might be more detrimental than beneficial.

    Prime Reasons Why ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4 are Faltering

    Here are two prime reasons, why ChatGPT 4 and GPT-3.5 might be getting stupider:
    · The model is just being trained on a dataset of text and code that is less diversified.
    · The data the model was trained on has more noise and errors than usual.

    Whatever the reason, ChatGPT 4's performance decline is a disturbing one. ChatGPT 4's adaptable features make it potentially helpful for a variety of jobs, such as instruction, customer service, and entertainment. However, if the model keeps getting dumber, it will stop being reliable and useful.

    How can users safeguard themselves?

    Users who are worried about the performance of ChatGPT 4 can take a number of precautions to be safe. They can first be aware of the model's limits and avoid depending on it for jobs that call for precise or trustworthy information. Second, they can question the data that ChatGPT 4 offers and confirm it with additional sources. Finally, individuals can inform OpenAI of any mistakes or inaccuracies they discover. The performance drop of ChatGPT 4 serves as a reminder that even the most sophisticated AI models are still in the early stages of development. Users should exercise caution when using these models and be aware of their limits.

    ChatGPT vs Bard by Google
    As we move towards the end of the blog, it is a must, to discuss ChatGPT’s biggest competitor to date. Yes, we are talking about Bard. Bard is owned by none other than Google and is a friendly chatbot that can help you in writing engaging blogs and much more. While ChatGPT 4 is struggling with Maths and Coding, Bard has been launched worldwide in more than 100 languages. Needless to say, a large volume of languages will make it more user-friendly, leading it to the number 1 position of Artificial Intelligence. Another prime reason, why many think that Bard could be a better chatbot than its competitor, is because it can generate content from real-time information and is absolutely free of cost. At least for now.
    What does the future of ChatGPT 4 Hold?
    When ChatGPT came into the market people couldn’t wait to use it and since its launch, it has been used by each and every profession in the world. Most importantly, it has proven to be a knight in shining armor for students. No one expected its latest version to falter. However, this also depicts that technology isn’t as perfect as we thought. The funny thing is, it can be imperfect like us at times. However, it doesn’t certainly mean that we won't have ChatGPT in the future. At this point, the future of the popular chatbot might seem intense as there is plenty of competition now. Apart from Bard, more intelligent tools have been introduced, which are quicker and cheaper than the famous ones. But ChatGPT-4 might get stable soon, that is if OpenAI stopped dismissing the rumors and start accepting the facts. If neglected, ChatGPT might become the dumbest tool on the planet. Sounds harsh? Well, the reality always is!