Things Necessary When Traveling to Northern Areas

Things Necessary When Traveling to Northern Areas
  • Before the disastrous floods affected the northern areas, it was one of the most visited spots around Pakistan. People would plan long family holidays or friendly get-togethers to cherish the beautiful scenic views. As the damage is on the way to restoration, it is less likely to say how much time it will take—to enjoy a vacation again in the famous picnic spots. Areas that are deeply affected such as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, are doubtful to be populated with people anytime soon. But that doesn't mean, we cannot preplan a fun trip to the north region. There are indispensable items that you must carry in your baggage while traveling to the north such as hard drive backup devices. Keeping several factors in mind, such as lack of hygienic water, pristine washrooms, strong mobile signals, and whatnot, you should prepare the baggage wisely. 

    Traveling through rocky areas can be rugged and test the best of your abilities. It is wise to carry a First Aid kit box with you on the journey. Needless to say, you should have an open mind about the unseen demanding situations to greet you in the pathway. Having a portable charger and a lightweight waterproof jacket is not only crucial but something you cannot afford to treat as insignificant. Similarly, keeping travel neck pillows can be another essential that you should pack with you, as things tend to get unpredictable in the robust region. However, carrying a DSLR is only mandatory to capture the mind-blowing beauty of the polar towns. Last but not the least, carrying some smart additions such as travel-size toiletries, will benefit you to stay powder fresh even while going through a wilder patch. However, it may cross your if keeping a travel steamer is necessary, then the answer is no, it's not. That being said, the following are the top essentials you should carry in the bag while heading towards the north of Pakistan.


    1. Travel Neck Pillows

    2. Lightweight Jacket

    3. DSLR

    4. Travel-size Toiletries

    5. Power Banks



    Travel Neck Pillows

    The travel to the north region is mostly done by car. It is cost-effective and practical. But the roads to the paradise of Pakistan are rocky and extremely dangerous. So, the car ride turns out to be annoyingly slow and comes to halt multiple times. In such situations, the best idea is to nap a little and refresh yourself. Therefore, a travel neck pillow is essential, which you don't want to leave behind at home. Since, sleeping in the car can cause a strain on your neck, using one will spare you from uncalled muscle spasms and save the trip from being spoilt.


    Lightweight Jacket

    This one is sort of a cliche. The polar areas you are planning to visit are brutally cold, and wearing the right outerwear is crucial if you don't want to be sick. Falling sick in between a fun trip is a big downer, and who wants that? Carrying lightweight jackets should be the first thing on your list. Even if you visit in summer, the weather is still colder compared to cities like Lahore and Karachi. It will be wiser to choose a lightweight waterproof jacket for the journey, than the regular one. Since such areas do see a lot of rain and you don't want to be drenched thoroughly.



    CLICK. CLICK. CLICK. That is all you would want to do when the beauty of the northern region meets your eyes. The beautiful landscapes with tall and sturdy mountains, demand to be photographed, while their tips are hidden in big white fluffy clouds. The crystal clear river water, speaks of the beauty the place holds urging you to pick up the camera and capture the beautiful sceneries around you. Some, who like to travel light, might find carrying a DSLR a hassle, for such fun busters a smartphone’s camera can work fine too. But then the quality of the shot taken by DSLR is superior. 


    Travel-size Toiletries 

    It’s not like you will be on the road throughout your journey. A couple of nights stay at a cozy hotel is given. But no matter, how lavish the hotel is, their toiletries are made of cheap materials and don't have a lasting fragrance. If you want to feel powder fresh throughout your trip, it is recommendable to keep personalized beauty and bathroom products in the luggage. A moisturizing shampoo, scented soap, and long-lasting body sprays should be good enough for an adventurous vacation. If you are wondering if a travel steamer is necessary, then the remains the same, no. it's not. Adding a small medicine bag, might not be a bad idea that includes all the essentials from the First Aid kit box.


    Power Banks

    While traveling between the mountains, going up or down sturdy roads, incidents are most likely to happen. And that is why it is important to keep your phone active at all times. But since you cannot have access to a power supply outlet easily, it is advisable to keep a portable charger device with you. Keeping a power bank with you is much more crucial instead of carrying around a hard drive backup device. However, the shortage or weak signals may still disrupt your connectivity with the family but with mobiles charged, you can get in touch with them as soon as the signs are active again. A laptop power bank might also be useful as it is larger in capacity than the ones used for mobile phones.


    Do’s and Dont’s while Wandering in the North of Pakistan 

    Having the mentioned above necessities is important while exploring beautiful sceneries such as the First Aid kit Box but there are some unsaid rules, that you should follow to have a safe journey. You should always wear a lot of layers to keep yourself warm and save from the harsh weather. Getting ill on a journey, will not only spoil the fun but it is difficult to find a reliable doctor at short notice. If you are visiting the colder region for trekking, only go for it, if there is an experience or an expert with you. As the rough route can be unpredictable and dangerous. 

    Although you can easily find Chinese and desi restaurants around, it is recommendable to try out local cuisines too. Since they have a unique taste and also allow small businesses to earn profit. Lastly, try not to plan the trip to the steep mountains and gorgeous lakes in the monsoon. As the roads get blocked and floods are likely to happen, which is exactly what the northern area is going through right now. That was the last tip and we have reached an end of an entertaining yet informative blog. I hope it gave you the information that was needed to prepare a safe trip to the north of Pakistan. Happy Traveling!