Tiktoker Sehar Hayat Receives Backlash for Dancing to a Blasphemous Song at Her Wedding

Tiktoker Sehar Hayat Receives Backlash for Dancing to a Blasphemous Song at Her Wedding
  • Tiktoker Sehar Hayat recently got married to Sami Rasheed, who is a singer. In 2023, their wedding was one of the most popular ones on all social apps. Whether it was Mayun, Dholki, or Mehandi, the bride, and her friends made sure not even a single moment is missed from the limelight. Needless to say, she looked pretty, and her wedding looks definitely received approval from Sehmians, who are fans of the couple. Almost, every day we saw a new video popping up, where we can see the love birds enjoying their events. Everything was going smoothly, until Sehar’s Barat video came out, where she was seen dancing to a song for her parents. Many appreciated her gesture of dancing to a sweet melody and the love she has for her parents. But criticism start pouring in when people noticed the lyrics of the song. To find out which song was it and why she received severe backlash for it keep reading the blog.

    The REAL reason Behind Backlash of Sehar’s Viral wedding dance video

    A wedding is an emotional event for a daughter. With the aim to build a loving and caring home with her spouse, she sacrifices her blood relations, including her parents. Needless to say, leaving her parents is one of the biggest challenges for a bride-to-be. Keeping the same emotions in mind, Tiktoker Sehar Hayat prepared a dance to a popular Bollywood song starring Shahrukh khan, “Tujh main rab dikhta hai” which according to her was supposed to be a meaningful thank-you note to her parents. But that’s not how netizens viewed it. Pakistan being a Muslim country doesn’t approve of music in general as in Islam it is considered Haram.But the music was not the key issue here, the lyrics were. The song's lyrics depicted clear “SHIRK”. This term in Islam, is used when a person, puts anyone or anything on the same level as ALLAH. And yes, it is a major sin compared to music. The song which Sehar Hayat dedicated to her parents, clearly depicted that she sees God in them. Saying such statements violate Islamic rules and put one in a sensitive position as a Muslim. Not only the netizens criticized her performance but also the fact that as a bride she was dancing. However, this was more of a cultural objection. With such controversy, Sehar and Sami wedding definitely got the attention, but most likely not the kind they wanted. Before dance moments at Sehar hayat's wedding went viral, this song has been called out many times for being one of the most blasphemous songs.


    Sehar Hayat and Ali Butt – A Love Dilemma

    Before Sehar and Sami came together and became SEHMI, there was another man in Sehar’s life. Ali Butt, another popular Tiktoker, was dating her and they were believed to be one of the best couples online. She appeared for the first time on the music-oriented app with him and gained instant approval from the audience as they looked good together. After having a good relationship, they decided to part ways and their fans couldn’t digest it. While their fans kept asking them to get back together, they made videos separately. However, after some time, they declared they are back together. The fans rejoiced but that happiness didn’t last for long. Soon after, they broke up again and this time it was the permanent one. Right after the news broke of their split, Tiktok started flooding with fans demanding they get back together. To put these comments and requests to rest, Sehar revealed her Nikkah ceremony with Sami Rasheed, which led everyone to accept that Sehar Hyat and Ali Butt won't come back together anymore.

    The Damsel in Distress

    Another crucial thing, which is repeated again and again by Islamic scholars, to provide awareness to Muslims is the evil eye. Amid her dance video going viral and the internet filled with Sehar hayat wedding pics, the new bride was admitted to hospital as she complained of having a fever and weakness. When in Sami’s Vlog, he is seen rushing to the hospital with his new bride, netizens knew what went wrong. Once again, the comments flooded the comment box by saying, that this is one of the prominent signs of an evil eye. The fact that her wedding was shared widely and massively over all social media platforms, she has been affected by the evil eye. The concept of the evil eye isn’t only in Islam but in other religions too. However, according to the latest updates, she is recovering well.

    Festivities Must Come to an End

    With such criticism and objections, the wedding events of Tiktoker Sehar Hayat came to an end. The couple has been actively sharing their after-wedding moments on social media. And their fans are thoroughly enjoying along with them. The backlashes and mean things Sehar received during her wedding season, can easily label her as the Tiktoker of the year 2023. Being an influencer in Pakistan is not an easy job. As you need to balance culture and religion before you create any kind of content. However, it seems like Tiktokers are more focused on achieving the best title and gaining more views and engagement on their accounts. Anyways, let's hope the newlyweds, find peace in each other, that they have been looking for.