Top Gaming Phones in 2019

Top Gaming Phones in 2019
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    Apr 16, 2020

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  • After gaming consoles, there is no device other than smartphones that can give you complete gaming experience. With the invention of games like PUBG and Fortnite, people have become more inclined towards spending their spare time playing games on phones. You don’t need to have an expensive phone to play these premium and heavy games on your smartphone. A phone that has a combo of good software and hardware is more than enough to provide support for giving you amazing gaming experience. In fact, with such a boom of online shopping in Pakistan, you can find a lot of options in smartphones by even sitting comfortably on your couch. 

    If you are a serious gamer then you need to see this list that we have compiled for you. It features the top-most smartphones you can purchase if you want to play games on your phone like a true champ! 

    iPhone XS Max:

    As they say, the bigger the better. It is certainly true that a bigger screen space does add a lot to your gaming experience. With the XS Max you not only get a massive screen, but the resolution and display quality is something very amazing. The A12 chipset wouldn’t let your game to lag, as it makes the phone to perform smoothly while the long-life battery will enable you to play games for longer durations. Moreover, the phone has a design that makes it feasible to control the game and doesn’t feel like a heavyweight on your hands, while you are indulged in the games. 

    OnePlus 7 Pro

    The phone isn’t marketed as a gaming phone, but it is definitely one of the best phones to play games on. You get a 6.67-inch screen that has a top-notch display and no bezel. You get a phone that is geared up with Snapdragon 855 CPU and a 12GB that makes the smartphone run like a road-runner. The OnePlus Pro 7 doesn’t make the game to lag and with the performance capability of the processor, it provides for a great gaming experience. The OnePlus 7 Pro is the first phone of the brand to have a QHD display that makes it more exciting when you are playing games. It has a 90Hz refresh rate and a battery life that will help you to keep on playing your games for long hours, without having to run for your charger every time. 

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro

    Huawei has beaten all the other brands off with its innovation and technology. It can be seen that with every other Huawei phone, you will see something very different and unique. The brand surely knows how to provide value for money and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is no less. It is a tough phone to beat if you are looking for powerful gaming performance, design, and resolution. The Kirin 980 processor and the 8GB RAM are giving the power to this smartphone and it is the reason why people have been choosing the Mate 20 Pro for gaming. 

    The phone is known to provide a day-long battery when you are playing games and a resolution that will just enhance your gaming experience like anything. Believe me, anything that you get on top of it is a bonus when it comes to Mate 20 Pro. Moreover, the Huawei 20 Pro is also known for its great camera so after you are done playing games, you can click some great selfies as well. 

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

    The world’s largest smartphone manufacturer is also no less when it comes to providing phones that are known to offer great gaming experiences. The Galaxy S10 is the first phone to ever equip the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, which definitely makes it an extremely powerful device. If you are thinking that it is only the chipset that makes the S10 to be an amazing gaming device, then you are missing out on the Super AMOLED displays. The display supports the High Dynamic Range graphics that allow the phone to provide you all the visuals in the games, as life-like. 

    The Samsung Galaxy comes with a massive screen that will make allow you to enjoy playing games on it even more. It is certainly a blessing for everyone who likes playing games on their phone. 

    Honor Play

    Honor definitely didn’t want to be left out from the gaming party, hence it brings to you the Honor Play. You get a 6.7-inch screen and some great resolution power. The phone is geared up with the Kirin 970 processor and the 6GB RAM that makes it a very fast smartphone on which you can play all your favorite games. The phone is also said to have a GPU Turbo mode that allows it to run smoothly and wouldn’t make your game to lag even for a moment. The smartphone also has the "4D" haptic feedback, which makes it a very responsive phone. 

    The Honor Play is also equipped with a great camera and can capture pictures with great image quality. 

    Sony Xperia 1

    If you are someone who wants to have a phone that allows for sharp and crisp visuals when playing games then this is the smartphone for you. The HDR support and Atmos audio technology is something that will add a lot to your gaming experience. Sony Xperia 1 is known to be a fast device so you wouldn’t even have to worry about your phone lagging while you are playing games. The Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB RAM will take care of all your games and will allow it to run very smoothly. 

    Apart from the gaming criteria, you also get a triple camera system with Xperia 1 that allows the users to click some great pictures and videos in high resolution. Sony has definitely outdone itself with this smartphone. 

    Huawei P30

    Now, how can’t you add two phones of the same brand in this list when it’s Huawei that we are talking about. Ever since the initial announcement, the P30 got into the radar of everyone because of its features and specifications that makes it an extremely amazing phone. The Kirin 980 chipset and the 8GB RAM surely are the show-stealer when it comes to high performance and its compatibility with heavy games like PUBG and Fortnite. The phone has the power to make your game running very smoothly even if you are switching from one app to another. The strong processor diminishes the chance of a game lagging at all. 

    Moreover, the 4,200mAh battery makes it run for longer hours and you wouldn’t have to cut your gaming sessions short, just because your phone is dying. 

    LG G8 ThinQ

    Now you may not fall for the design of this phone, but it is certainly a phone for gamers. The Snapdragon 855 chipset and the OLED display is something that adds value to this smartphone and it is one of the reasons why gamers prefer this phone so much. The resolution of the phone will offer amazing visuals that will allow you to enjoy your game even more. The G8 ThinQ also provides a good storage so that you can easily save all your game data on your phone, without having to worry about external storage. 


    Now how can you not take a phone seriously that is branded as the first Xiaomi gaming phone? The phone itself makes it a powerful device but the specs of the Black Shark just serve as a cherry on top. The smartphone has a gaming mode that will redirect all the calls and the notifications while you are playing games. So there is no chance that you will be disturbed while you aim for that ‘Chicken Dinner’ in PUBG. The Snapdragon 845 processor and then the Adreno 630 graphics chip makes the smartphone to run very smoothly. The games don’t lag on the Black Shark, while the price point is definitely something that makes this phone to be very value-adding. 


    Another smartphone is the ASUS Rog, which is marketed as a proper gaming phone. The smartphone comes with some great specs on top of which Asus has thrown even greater specs that attracts gamers even more. Starting from the customized in-case cooling solution, Snapdragon 845 processor, to the 8GB RAM that makes it an exceptionally great phone for gamers. There are audio ports given on each side of the phone so you can hold it easily in the landscape mode and it also provides for a greater grip while playing games. 

    The 6-inch screen with a  90Hz refresh rate offers the gamers an experience that they crave while playing games on smartphones. It isn’t the slimmest or lightest phone in the market, but certainly, a great one to play games on. 

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