WhatsApp Latest feature could replace Google Meet and Zoom

WhatsApp Latest feature could replace Google Meet and Zoom
  • If you are thinking Whatsapp is left behind in the race of social media, then you are absolutely wrong. Whatsapp latest feature is set to take over the digital world, as the popular platform is integrating screen share in its application. Needless to say, this could be an addition that can totally change the game for popular video-calling apps such as Google Meet. The feature will enhance video meetings worldwide and play a vital role, in remote work routines. To access the feature similar to the Google Meet feature users are requested to download the new beta version If you are wondering how can you make the most of this feature, check out the next section for guidelines.

    Whatsapp Latest Feature 2023 – How Does It Works?

    While having a video call, users can access screen sharing on WhatsApp by clicking on the new icon, placed at the bottom of the screen. The screen-sharing option will showcase notifications and it will also be recorded. Individuals can share the recordings with other team members. To avoid any distraction, users can turn on the “Do not disturb” mode or “Focus mode”. Users can have full access and can halt sharing the screens, whenever they want. To avail of screen sharing for video calls, users must have the latest beta version. Security and privacy are major concerns for the popular app, keeping that in mind, Meta will only allow screen recording to be shared when the user sharing the screen will allow access. So far, the new feature seems like a threat to existing video-meeting apps, including Zoom and Teams.

    Other Whatsapp Latest Features

    In 2023, Whatsapp went under many changes and brought new features onboard. This clearly indicates that the messaging app is focusing on providing the best services to its users. So far, it has introduced seven new features. Whatsapp users can run their main account on 4 different devices without any restriction. Furthermore, the popular platform has launched a chat lock feature, that allows one to lock the application overall. Users can now customize the text within 15 minutes, as soon as they have sent the original text. Meta has been quite active in 2023 and has provided a lot of beneficial features for its users. Whatapp search for a message by date feature is now available for Apple users. This feature will aid users to sort messages by date. To get this feature, your app must be updated to 23.1.75. Whatsapp has also enhanced its inbuilt camera interface by launching a dedicated video mode. The users can record fun videos and share it with their friends and family worldwide.
    The video is available on version number exclusively for Android users. And that’s not all, users can now have fun watching at the status of their contacts from the chat screen itself. When a contact puts on a new status, it is indicated by a green ring highlighted on their profile picture. This feature is available for devices that have version for Android owners. Lastly, after the phenomenal success of voice messages, the Meta-owned app has released video messages too. It has also taken the internet by storm, as this means a big threat to apps such as Botim, Skype, and so on.

    The Future of Communication
    It isn’t a surprise that communication is enhancing day by day. Even though rapid growth sounds scary, it certainly helps people to stay connected with their loved ones. Whatapp and other messaging apps are working hard towards achieving the goal of eradicating communication barriers for their users. Meta has been quiet active, in the current year, as the company released its much-awaited Twitter competitor, Threads. There has been a lot of criticism and discussions regarding the two apps being similar. However, it seems like, the latest features on WhatsApp are all set to wipe out its competition too. We hope today’s blog helped you in understanding how to screen-share in Whatsapp video calls and have productive office meetings.