Why Apple is Shifting its iPad Production to India from China?

Why Apple is Shifting its iPad Production to India from China?
  • Apple is one of the popular brands in the current times. The brand is known for creative inventions such as iPhones and iPads. After Steve Jobs, Apple has continued to maintain its position in the market among its other competitors. For a long period, it has been known to have been one of the massive manufacturing plants of iPhones and iPads in Zhengzhou, where IPads are made in 2022. Apple’s suppliers Foxconn and Pegatron are two companies that provide the components to all the factories worldwide. Recently, news of Apple moving the production of iPads from China to India has been circulating on the internet.

    Although there has been no confirmation from the brand itself, many speculate what happened to halt Apple manufacturing in China. Many speculate the reason Apple moving production to India is because, of strict Covid-related lockdown and restrictions. While others are wondering “Is the iPad losing popularity? But according to the research, the actual reason behind the shift is due to rising trade and geographical pressure between Beijing and Washington. Apple already has been manufacturing iPhones in India since 2017, but iPads would be a new addition. Even though the decision is still being confirmed, the move might work to benefit the economy of the southeastern country. Along with India, it is hinted that Apple is moving iPad production to Vietnam as well.


    How iPad’s Production is Moving away from China?

    As mentioned earlier, the real reason behind the shift is suggested to be growing trade and geopolitical issues among both countries. Foxconn has revealed its plans to expand in India by adding more than 3 times to its iPhone Plant in under two years. Foxconn also expressed an idea to increase the workforce at its plant located in South India, by adding more than 50 thousand workers over the coming years. Although the size of the plant in Tamil Nadu is smaller than that of Zhengzhou, where IPads are made in 2022, it is evident that Apple is focused to move the production plant away from China effectively. While the production plant is relocating, and the brand seems to be too focused on investing in iPhones than iPads consumers seem to be questioning the worth of iPads by asking Are iPhones better than iPads?


    Will the Plant in Tamil Nadu Provide Better Results Than China?

    With the news trending about, Apple manufacturing in India, Foxconn discussed its plans with the officials in Tamil Nadu, about increasing the workforce at the Southern plant. Apart from iPhones, the production site crafts products for other companies as well but the main reason for boosting the workforce lies to meet the demand for iPhones in the market currently. So far, the state is said to have meetings with the suppliers, where these points were discussed in detail. The state raised concerns such as housing facilities for the newly added workers. Seniors at the Southern plant also shared, that electronic and automotive manufacturing was also convincing Apple suppliers to spread out manufacturing components of the iPhone. For now, iPhones are made in India by at least three of Apple’s global suppliers, including Foxconn and Pegatron.


    Are iPhones better than iPads?

    Both the products from Apple have gained their set audiences. It won’t be fair to compare them. However, iPhones have higher demand when it comes to iPads as the device is portable and lightweight compared to the Apple tablet. However, there isn’t much difference between the battery power. The latest iPhones are said to provide you with at least 10 hours of listening to music and watching videos. An iPad on stretch might also deliver a similar power backup. With that said, iPhone is a suitable choice if you prefer a device that fits in your palm, and the iPad is suggested for those, who want larger screens. Over the years, Apple manufacturing in China, iPad has faced consistent fame similar to iPhone. Both devices have a different target audience, so it won’t be fair to raise questions such as Is iPad losing popularity?


    The Conclusion

    For now, the reason Apple moving production to India is yet to be confirmed. But people on social media are excited about the relocation as many believe, China’s strict Covid restrictions may become the reason for the shortage of iPads. A similar reason was also suggested by Foxconn, as they asked consumers to be patient with iPad availability in the market. Many also claim the move should have been made before the pandemic of 2020. However, only time can tell if the relocation of the production of iPads will cause any dramatic effect on the consumer market. It is evident, with starting production plan of iPads in India, Apple would be able to compete with Samsung Tablets more efficiently.