YouTube is redesigning its SKIP AD button

YouTube is redesigning its SKIP AD button
  • If you are someone who loves watching YouTube on a daily basis, you must be familiar with how annoying YouTube Ads are. As social media is expanding broadly, brands are leaning more towards digital advertising, compared to the traditional one. Ads on YouTube is not new but it has certainly gained a lot of attention since it has competitors now in the market. When it comes to online advertisement, apart from the video streaming platform, Google Ads holds the attention of many businesses today. Recently, in Pakistan YouTube introduced premium membership, where users can experience AD-free streaming. However, with Google in competition, clearly the renowned platform had to come up with a different workable strategy. According to the latest tech news, YouTube Ads button is getting a makeover. It might not be the makeover that we would like, but the company will definitely earn faster and better. To find more details on this, read the blog ahead.

    Why Youtube Skip Ads button is Getting a Makeover?

    According to rumors YouTube is all set to test the patience of its users. The video-streaming platform plans to revamp its SKIP AD button to make it smaller, making it difficult for the users to spot it easily. The decision to make the button smaller is probably an effort to get users to watch more commercials because they will be less likely to click it. The new button is rumored to be smaller, have smaller lettering, and not have the word "Ads" capitalized. Additionally, it will be more transparent, blending in better with the video player's background. Think about it, while watching your favorite blog, you are stuck with watching an AD that you don’t like, and can’t find a button to skip! Although it hasn't been officially announced by YouTube, several users have already noticed the facelift. Some users have criticized the action, claiming that it is unjust to make it more difficult to skip commercials.

    YouTube’s Past Attempts to Increase AD Views


    In the past, YouTube has experimented with several methods of displaying advertisements. The business unveiled a brand-new ad type in 2018 that previewed videos. Needless to say, users hated the latest AD type and criticized the decision, while complaining that the adverts were too long and invasive. Then later in 2020, YouTube unveiled a brand-new feature that let users bypass adverts after five seconds. As it allowed users to avoid adverts they weren't interested in while still providing advertisers some exposure, the action was viewed as a compromise between users and advertisers. Let’s get to the facts, We all know that Youtube Ads are annoying. No matter what their length is or how quickly we can skip it, as consumers, we want to stick to an AD-free experience. However, it is unknown how users will react to the redesigned SKIP AD button. If advertisements are short and difficult to miss, some users might be more likely to view them, while others might be more likely to use ad blockers or other methods to completely avoid them. Only time will tell how YouTube's ad revenue and user experience will be impacted by the makeover of the SKIP AD button

    Some of the Reasons Why Youtube Ads Button is Getting Revamped

    Here are a few potential explanations for YouTube's decision to change the SKIP AD button:

    • To entice consumers to watch more advertisements.
    • To improve consistency in the ad experience.
    • To enhance the video player's general appearance and feel.
    • To experiment with various ad display methods.
    • To beat its competitors and earn more revenue

    Alternatively, it's likely that the change is really a coincidence and that YouTube is not attempting to make it more difficult for users to skip advertisements. What the real explanation is won't be known till later. For now, it seems like we have to just find a way to bear, all the Ads that come our way. Of course, people with YouTube’s premium membership wont be affected, as they will have an Ad-free experience, while watching interesting and engaging content on the popular video platform. This decision might also be a tactic to encourage or convert non-premium Youtube accounts to a Premium one. With that said, it seems like the platform knows how to secure its spot in the digital world, while pleasing the customers.