Youtube will allow you to play Mini Games soon!

Youtube will allow you to play Mini Games soon!
  • Did you ever think you could play minigames on YouTube? Well, here is the big revelation for you, YouTube is working on a new feature called "Playables" that will allow users to play games on the YouTube homepage. Currently in beta testing, the feature is only accessible to a select group of users. However, it is anticipated that everyone will start using it in the upcoming months. The latest YouTube feature will feature a variety of mini-games, including casual games, arcade games, and puzzles. There will be no need to download any additional software because the games can be played directly from the YouTube home page.Gaming features have been offered on video sharing platforms before YouTube. Gamers have long found Twitch to be a popular online destination, and it also provides a number of mini-games that can be played while watching streams. Mini-games are now available on YouTube's home page for the first time in its history. How successful the new feature will be is still up in the air. But it is obvious that YouTube wants to increase its presence in the gaming industry.After launching Youtube Premium in Pakistan, where viewers can enjoy ads-free videos, the video-sharing platform is finding a way to reach gamers worldwide. As for permission to play games on YouTube, it depends on the game. If the game is copyrighted, then you will need to get permission from the copyright holder in order to play it on YouTube. However, if the game is not copyrighted, then you can play it without any problems.

    Why is YouTube allowing you to Play Mini-games ?

    Here are some reasons, why YouTube is providing minigames for its viewers:

    • To maintain user interest: Other platforms, like TikTok and Instagram, which are renowned for their brief, interactive content, are posing an increasing threat to YouTube. YouTube can encourage users to use the platform longer by providing mini-games.
    • To draw in fresh users. If they are aware that they can play games on YouTube, some people might be more inclined to use it. This might encourage younger people to use YouTube who are more interested in gaming.
    • To gain profit. In the future, YouTube might start charging for games or offering in-game merchandise. This could be a new source of revenue for YouTube.
    • To test out brand-new features: YouTube is always looking for new ways to improve the platform. Mini-games allow YouTube to test out a new genre of content and gauge user reaction.

    Other Platforms That Offer to Play Mini-games

    Apart from Youtube, there is a huge popularity of mini-games on platforms such as Netflix, Facebook, and TikTok. In 2021, Netflix released mini-games in selected countries, which included a game based on its famous series, Stranger Things 3. Moreover, Tiktok released games on its platform in 2022, targeting Gen Z as they are found in high numbers on the platform. Lastly, Facebook games caught everyone’s attention, when the platform launched games back in 2018. It will be interesting to see if YouTube’s new feature will be more engaging than the previous ones on the said platforms. Until then, let's hold on to our horses.