Difference Between Farosh & Other Platforms

Difference Between Farosh & Other Platforms
  • Since the boost in the E-commerce world, positive changes have improved online shopping in Pakistan for each of us. You are going to agree with me when I tell you that online shopping is so much better and more fun than in-store shopping these days. The community of an E-commerce marketplace in Pakistan has worked hard and improvised the digital experience for us. Big names like Daraz and OLX were around before E-commerce took over Pakistan, but the arrival of Farosh stepped up the game and made the shopping routine more delightful for the consumer. One might wonder, how Farosh is better than the others in the market and how it makes one’s bargain hunting more fun.

     There is no hidden fact that the other two are in the marketplace way before 2020, but the COVID hit showed many new businesses the route to the digital marketplace and Farosh was one of those. Based in Lahore, the company strongly had a vision not only to enhance online purchases but also to bring more stable opportunities for online earning in Pakistan. It is an online store in Pakistan, that makes sure to offer reliable solutions to the problems of its consumers and sellers. To make the reason more prominent why the newly found marketplace is a much better space for a bargain compared to the other two, let’s have a one-on-one comparison, starting with the Dutch company that arrived in Pakistan in 2012.


    OLX and Farosh: Competitors or Frenemies?

    Originating as OnLine eXchange in 2006 in Amsterdam, the company started as a digital space for classifieds where people can buy and sell goods while sitting at home. The arrival of OLX in Pakistan changed how people resell their personal belongings. From automobiles, furniture, clothing, toys and much more, the online exchange platform gained instant popularity. While carrying the Customer to Customer (C2C) business model, it gained people’s trust, and apart from running classifieds for jobs and reselling used items, people started using the platform to buy brand-new products as well, giving online shopping in Pakistan a new meaning. OLX makes money by placing Ads on its space provided by Google. Surprising right? And that’s how it is completely different from what Farosh does. Farosh is a full-fledged marketplace that allows sellers and buyers to interact on its platform with zero hassle. Unlike OLX, the Lahore-based company follows the Business to Customer (B2C) model and Business to Business (B2B) Model.

    It does not only run Farosh Mall where buyers can purchase for their needs but also powers Farosh Shop in an attempt to give a safe space to struggling sellers while supporting online earning in Pakistan. Since both companies share different business models and ways of earning online, it is quite evident they are more like frenemies other than competitors. You must be wondering, why are they even frenemies, although they don’t share the business model. The thing is OLX has a strong online presence and that is a challenge for the growing company, however, Farosh plans to flourish on the fact that it only supports its sellers by providing them with an online shop which saves them costs such as hefty rents and electricity bills. Moreover, with impeccable customer service for its consumers and sellers, the company makes sure to provide original products only.


    Daraz vs Farosh: Competitors for Sure and here is Why

    Daraz.pk came into the picture in 2012 merely with five employees. With facing no success in the earlier years, the online marketplace’s career took a turn when Alibaba a Chinese e-commerce market bought the company. The fact that Daraz is a retail store, strongly shows how big of a competitor it is to Farosh. Apart from the same business model and similar goals, Farosh.pk is still a better place to shop and sell compared to the 2012 launched company, and here is why. Along with offering user-friendly platforms such as Farosh Mall and Farosh Shop for its target audience, the company offers various benefits too. Along with providing an online store in Pakistan with minimum effort and price, it grants a verification seal to the sellers, which allows its buyers to gain trust in the online shop and make the purchase conveniently. Moreover, the newly launched company charges the least amount for processing orders and payments to the seller accounts, which benefits the sellers and does not minimize their profit. To make things more beneficial for the online retailer, Farosh.pk grants a secure shop URL which makes the online shop protected and trustworthy for the consumer.


    Needless to say, such benefits allow sellers to increase online earnings in Pakistan with minimal effort.  On the Buyer’s end, Farosh plays a vital role in online shopping in Pakistan. It not only provides multiple payment options but also posts only genuine reviews which helps the consumer to land on the right decision for the purchase. The Farosh Mall displays exciting discounted deals in its daily deals section nearly every day which permits the buyer to purchase within the restricted budget without compromising on quality. With policy plans such as a 7-day return, the team makes sure to issue an instant refund without any hassle, keeping in mind the product matches the terms and conditions of the policy plan. Daraz.pk has been popular for quite some time now but has suffered from controversies such as delivering wrong orders and empty packages. To eliminate the chance of fraud or counterfeit items, the Lahore-based online store in Pakistan is set to work harder and replace dishonest transactions with quality and satisfactory service nationwide.


    Farosh and its Goals     

    What you read above are merely some of the points that make Farosh different and better from the Giants existing in the Pakistani e-commerce market currently. Even though with similar business models, the company has different goals than its competitors. Along with providing genuine products at the doorstep of its buyer, it has the vision to make business online easier for its vendors, especially those who find the digital world confusing and overwhelming. With the concept of Farosh Shop, the company wants to make sure each of its sellers earns the profit they deserve and are not ripped off at the end of the month.

     Most importantly, while caring about its buyers, the company has partnered with the best logistics partner to ensure timely delivery to the consumer, whether for a new order or a return. Eliminating the hassle of dropping the returns at some drop-off points, the company makes it super-easy for the consumer by sending their logistic partner to pick up the damaged product from the doorstep of the purchaser. If these points don’t make Farosh one of its kind, then I don’t know what will. But maybe you can, I.E by logging on to the most reliable Farosh.pk and seeing the difference yourself.