What are the benefits a seller can achieve on Farosh?

What are the benefits a seller can achieve on Farosh?
  • If you are a seller who wants to earn online with maximum profit without zero hassle, then I have good news for you! Farosh is a platform that provides you with exactly what you need, I.E maximum profits with a huge volume of incoming orders.

    At Farosh we work hard 24/7 to give you a hassle-free experience and growth in your new start-up. All you need to do is build your Farosh shop online and have your products reach all over Pakistan in minimum time.

    You might wonder if the process is easy to follow or if it will be a challenging task. To be honest, with Farosh it is a breeze and you will enjoy the process of online earning like never before. For us, our sellers are the top priority as we strongly believe when our sellers do well, that is an added jewel to our crown.

    How to Sell Online on Farosh

    As mentioned earlier, the process is simple and easy. First of all, you need to register yourself, by providing personal information about yourself and your business. You need to select the ideal package that suits your requirements.

    We offer three kinds of packages that include a standard one that is FREE, which comes with restricted benefits, then we have Silver which allows your products to be displayed in feature products and deals.

    Most importantly you will be charged fewer ETE Order Processing Charges compared to the standard one. The Silver package is priced at a budget-friendly monthly price of 1500 Rupees.

    The Gold package is the best one compared to the previous ones as it offers unlimited benefits such as a Verification seal and an unlimited number of product uploads. It is priced at a monthly cost of 2500 Rupees.

    Once you have selected your desired package, you can complete the process of creation of the Farosh shop within a few minutes and start uploading pictures of your products right away.

    With the registration done and the shop created, you can easily manage incoming orders from the dashboard management. The orders start pouring in as soon as your shop goes live and you display your products along with video tutorials for a better understanding of your business for the customers. While you confirm a vast number of incoming orders, you can easily collect payments. Farosh provides the easiest and most convenient way to process payments that saves your time and increases your trust in Farosh.

    Farosh is one of the most reliable Online Earning Sources in Pakistan. It gives you an unlimited number of benefits apart from a live shop and an easy collection of payments.

    Farosh is Your Knight in Shining Armor and here is why

    You can create your online Shop in 5 minutes

    As mentioned earlier Farosh offers unlimited benefits, and one of the most convenient factors it offers is the advantage of opening an online shop in just 5 minutes. The registration process is smooth and without any unwanted interruptions, you can easily make an account with Farosh and start selling your products nationwide.

    You get access to your Dashboard

    You can manage your dashboard without depending on anyone and stay connected with order tracking and sales in the easiest way. You update your on-page content whenever and however you want to without any restrictions. You can track your audience’s activities and learn about the most demanded products of your shop.

    Your Products will be in LimeLight

    Your Products will be displayed in feature deals and offers. This will give a boost in sales as the customers will notice your products instantly and place an order in no time. This will lead to an increase in the volume of orders for your shop, which also means making good and healthy profits at the end of the month.

    Unlimited Number of Product Uploads

    As a seller, it is enormously important for you that all the variety you have in stock reaches your customer. With an unlimited number of product uploads granted by Farosh, it helps your products to reach widely to its potential customer, which increases the chance of getting orders and making a sale. This fact right here proves the fact why Farosh is one of the best Online Earning Sources in Pakistan.

    You don’t need to worry about Videos and Pictures

    Cannot find an affordable product photographer or a videographer for your business?

    It is no hidden fact that an E-commerce business cannot thrive without digital media.

    Clearly good quality photos and videos are the souls of your shop. We at Farosh greatly save your time and expenses by acting as a savior. We shoot for your products in high quality, while ensuring we save your time and provide you with a smooth end result.

    Error-Free Content for Your Shop within Minutes

    Not really good with words? Don’t know what to write under the Product description or what keywords to use?

    You can take a back seat and relax! As Farosh provides you with error-free content for your shop within a few minutes. Our dedicated team of content writers is working around the clock to generate some attention-grabbing content along with high-ranked keywords that get your products on the first page of the Search Engine right away, which clearly guarantees you a sale on the spot.

    Get verified and earn your Customer’s Trust

    Online Shopping can be a daunting experience for some people as there are numerous scams happening every day. People like to shop from only trusted websites or sellers. We at Farosh verify our precious sellers so they can gain trust from their customers and receive a good amount of orders, which will help in the growth of their business. Earn the verification seal and display it with honor as it attracts more customers to your shop and allows you to make healthy profits at the end of each month.

    We also allow direct contact of customers with the seller, so they can shop without a care in the world and make purchases repeatedly with the seller.

    Get Notify about all the Important Updates

    We believe in keeping our sellers updated with every action taken place at the back end. We instantly notify you through E-mail and Messages to keep you updated on the development and actions regarding your online shop.

    You have the authority to Display your Shop’s Details

    You are allowed to display your contact information and address of the physical shop (if any) on our platform without any hassle. This allows you to not only have a good flow of online orders but physical orders as well. Farosh is focused on increasing your sales and your audience reach with minimal efforts from your side.

    More Benefits for Your Convenience

    Farosh really cares about its sellers and understands not everyone is tech-savvy. We have provided a lot of tutorials for all the procedures that can be confusing for a new seller.

    From topics such as how to manage your products and orders or how to start your online shop in nanoseconds. These tutorials are a blessing for those sellers who are new to E-commerce and dread using digital platforms.

    We also offer blogs on the most frequently asked questions where sellers can easily find an answer for their query and most importantly we exclusively have a 24/7 assistant support team for the sellers where they instantly get a reply or a solution to their problems.

    What Farosh Promises It Delivers

    Farosh cares about its sellers more than any other E-commerce based website. We genuinely want you to put in minimal effort and enjoy the most maximized profits from your business. We want sellers who have the potential to grow to start a business with low investment and grow rapidly. Farosh promises to bring in reliable and repeat customers to its sellers along with a large margin of revenue. We make sure the payments are made on time with a secured transaction without leaking out the seller’s personal details.

    Another set of benefits is that you don’t have to worry about finding a host for your individual website, you can easily build your shop on Farosh and give a secure connection to your shop as Farosh has a reliable hosting provider who makes the process of shopping for your customers on your shop fast and secure.

    You can customize your online shop according to your preference and make it visually appealing to the incoming traffic on our website. Vibrant colors, eye-catching words, and so on can help your shop look attractive and bring in the customers that you deserve. Customization is a task that you can have fun with while making a potential shop where your products can sell in no time.

    So comparing the benefits that are provided by Farosh with any other e-commerce platform it is safe to say that as a seller you will be able to thrive and sell more products than anywhere else.