6 Crazy Reasons People Got Fired from Work

6 Crazy Reasons People Got Fired from Work
  • Jobs are not fun at times, especially when you find out crazy reasons people got fired from work. The bosses can be demanding or sometimes really unfair. Yes, despite you being a dedicated employee, a company or a boss can be unjust. People in the corporate sector often have to battle with such situations but many choose not to come forward with such concerns. Needless to say, firing due to weird or illogical reasons, leads to an unhealthy mindset. Clearly, receiving “the envelope” isn’t exactly fun.

    Even after seeing a large rise in cases of depression, employers don’t realize how badly this can affect a person’s self-esteem and mental health. In today’s blog, we are going to share some of the stupid reasons people got fired from work. The blog also includes a guide on what to do when you get fired, encouraging people to stay focused and motivated toward their career goals. Some of the reasons are extremely weird while some are funny but definitely for the employee. Without much further ado, here we go.

    6 Weird Reasons People Got Fired from Work

    The Peak of Being Inhuman

    A lot of the time, the biggest challenge an employee faces, is how to deal with a toxic manager. A similar thing happened at a plant when an employee forgot to bring his inhaler to work. Inhaler, being his desperate need, he asked for his manager’s approval to leave the plant to get the much-needed medical device from home. Even though his home was just 3 miles away from the job location, the manager criticized him for working slowly and fired him right away. However, the employee didn’t sit back, he went ahead and sued the company and received $45000 as a settlement.

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    The Dilemma of Pocket-dialing

    Do you know what’s scarier than ghosts? Accidentally, pocket-dialing your boss and not realizing it the whole time. Such a case happened to an employee, who was venting out to his wife about his boss. Little did he know, that his boss was listening to the entire conversation on the other side. Of course, the boss asked him to resign immediately. However, the employee worked smartly and sued the employer for violating his privacy.

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    Orange Can Be an Offensive Color

    Well, orange is actually a pretty color but the management of a law firm in Florida didn’t think so. They fired 14 employees for wearing orange shirts, assuming it is a protest. But it turned out, they were following a tradition, where they had made a pact to wear orange shirts exclusively on payday Friday. Due to such unjust, out of 14, 8 employees filed complaints against the company. This is indeed one of the weirdest reasons people got fired from work.

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    Turn Those CAPS off

    There isn’t anything funny about losing a job but this is one of the funny reasons to get fired from work. In New Zealand, a worker faced contract termination when she composed an email with full caps on! Not only her content was written in caps but she also added bold and red fonts. The management team perceived the matter as aggressive and simply fired her. In reality, she used such a manner to curate the email, as she was guiding the team on how to fill out certain forms. In the end, she received $17000 compensation from the company for wrongful termination.

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    Always Pay for the Extra Cheese

    Each one of us wants to work in a healthy working environment which is why we want to work with reputable companies. But when big brands like McDonald’s, have managers that are mean then you have no option but to face the consequences. An employee in the Netherlands was fired for not charging extra for a cheese slice in the burger. So cheesy isn’t it? Moreover, the fast food joint expressed disappointment and demanded, that the employee should have charged a whole price of a cheeseburger itself, rather than a simple cheese slice. But the employee didn’t back down and took the case to the district court, which resulted in McDonald’s paying up more than 4,000 euros.

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    Save Life or Your Job – It’s That “Easy”

    A lifeguard lost his job when he left his assigned area to save a drowning man’s life. Even though he clarified his reason for leaving his spot, the company proceeded with firing him. While he was mulling over, “Why I got fired” the supervisors, offered him the job back after realizing his heroic act. But nonetheless, the lifeguard declined the opportunity.

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    Toxic workplace checklist

    Neither of us wants to get fired for no reason. It is exactly not a good feeling to experience. We made you a quick checklist that will help you identify if your office is one of the healthy working environment examples or not. This will also make you learn what you DON’T want to experience in your working space.

    • Your work doesn’t let you have a personal life
    • The atmosphere is tense at all times
    • There is zero tolerance for mistakes
    • There is a lack of communication·
    • You don’t have a free speech

    How to Tackle Immediate Job Termination

    Even though your company doesn’t need you, your family does. Due to this prime reason, it is mandatory that you keep yourself optimistic and motivated. A lot of the time, people are drowned in depression and tend to lose the focus of life. Here are some important steps to follow if you go through something similar:

    • Take the spare time to work on self-care
    • Prepare yourself for new possibilities
    • Take a short holiday
    • Update your CV and network
    • Assure yourself, that this is temporary

    Not a Job Person? We Can Help!

    As always, we hope today’s blog helped you understand the importance of mental health and how toxic work culture can jeopardize it. While joining a company, ensure you question around with the existing employees and learn how flexible and fair the employers are. And if you are someone who is not a job person, then you can simply start running your own business on Farosh. Did you know, you can earn up to PKR 50,000 in one month by opening a personalized online store? Want to learn more? Learn Here!