Answer to All Your Makeup Worries and Queries [PART 2]

Answer to All Your Makeup Worries and Queries [PART 2]
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    Jan 26, 2020

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  • In case you don’t know already, let me tell you this is a series blog, in the part 1 of which we covered a few skin care tips and the basic makeup products that we all need. The skin care tips that we covered included hydrating yourself, regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing, using sun block, eating well and sleeping well. The basic makeup products that we covered in that blog included foundation, setting powder, liner, mascara, lipstick, eye shades and eye pencils. In this blog, which is being written in continuation of it, we shall cover the advanced makeup products that we recommend you to invest in. It is those products that we tend to skip, and can of course do a complete makeup without them too, but it is recommended to spend a few extra bucks on these cosmetic items if you really want to take your makeup game one level up. Let us see in detail what these products are and why you should invest in them. 

    The Advance Products you SHOULD Get

    Flawless makeup is not achieved just like that. Nobody wakes up with a celebrity like look or an artist like makeup skills. It requires a lot to achieve that kind of look. Of course, we cannot compete with these celebrities, but don’t worry! We are only taking you to the basics that can make a significant difference and we will also guide you on where you can possibly save some bucks. Let us first see the advanced products we should invest in. You can also buy these products online from the trusted online shopping portals in Pakistan with the guaranteed lower prices

    • Primer

    Girls do not understand the importance of primer. Some people assume that primer is only required when you want your foundation to stay longer, and if you only want it for a couple of hours you can skip primer, which is not at all true. Yes, primer does help make your foundation stay longer but that is not just it. The basic function of primer is to fill in your pores and to prepare your skin for the foundation. It creates a soft canvass on your skin and makes it ready for the application of foundation. When you apply your foundation without primer, it tends to get absorbed into your skin, not only making it look dull but causing acne, breakouts and other skin issues as well. Hence it is important to first apply primer when you are going for a full coverage foundation. 

    • Concealer

    Concealer can be skipped if you do not have anything to conceal, but let us just be honest here. How many of us are that flawless? 0.1 percent I guess and rest of all of us have dark circles, uneven skin tones and discoloration problems. If not it, there are sometimes pimples or scars that we need to cover. So, to conceal all these marks, you would need a concealer. Even if you think you do not need it, it is recommended to keep one in your makeup stash, because the latest makeup techniques advice to apply one tone lighter shade underneath your eyes to make them pop with the thick brows. As long as this trend continues, you will have to spend on concealers, fortunately or unfortunately. 

    • Under Eye Setting Powder

    Under eye setting powder is again something that has been recently added to the list of makeup essentials. It lifts your look and make you look a lot fresher. The good thing about this under-eye setting powder is that the minor flaws in your concealer, which by the way we all make, can be covered with the use of this powder. 

    • Eye Primer

    Guilty as charged: I did not use to buy eye primers ever. I always thought they are useless and are only a waste of money. Initially, when I used to browse through makeup products, I used to come across all these eye primers, lip primers and even mascara primers that I thought these are nothing but a trap. While I am not sure about the primers for other parts, eye primers are important. The pigments of your eye shades only pop up when you have used a good quality eye primer, otherwise it not only tends to get absorbed but smudged as well. Since the skin is thinner and more delicate, this part particularly needs the primer to settle the rest of the makeup well. 

    • Highlighter

    Oh, highlighters are bomb. This is one product that completely transforms your look. Again, you may not need it every day, but you must keep it with yourself for the times when you want to rock a little extra glammed up look. 

    • Makeup brushes 

    For the right application of makeup, you need the right tools and good brushes are one of them. Make sure you invest a good amount in getting high quality, perfectly shaped brushes, particularly for the eye makeup, contour and blush. No matter how good is the quality of your makeup products, if you do not have the right tools, you would not be able to achieve the desired look. Get a thick angled brush for the bluish and contour and at least three to four round and flat thinner brushes for your eye makeup. The round tips ones are to blend the layers you apply one after the other on your lids, and the flatter ones are for the precision required for applying liner or for the lower lash line. 

    • Lip Liners

    Lip contouring is now a thing. To give a super plumped up look to your lips, you need to have lip pencils that can create a perfectly outline for your lips and add a bit of contouring drama to it. 

    • High-pigmented eye shadows

    High pigmented eye shadows, and the glitter pressed ones are also one of the advanced makeup products that take your look to a slightly different feel, for the special occasions. Make sure you have them in one of the few basic colors. Avoid getting the palettes of the glittered ones, because you would not need a very wide range of colors in these. I personally like to keep it to blacks, golden, silvers, greens, blues and browns. No pinks, purples, reds are required in these. So, you can get these in single colors as well. 

    • Contour/Blush

    The right contouring shades and the blushes, that are suitable to your skin tone and are applied in the right way to complement your face shape can definitely help achieve those YouTube like look. It’s the contour and blush with which these makeup artists change the entire look of a person. These products have blessed us with making a chubbier face look slimmer and the round ones a little shaped up. It creates this illusionary look, highlighting the parts that you want highlighted while keeping the rest of them somewhat milder, not to direct so much of attention towards them. 

    This list might look a little over enthusiastic and yes, we know it is. To achieve something extra, you have got to go an extra mile. However, there are a few products among these where we believe you can save as well. Where I personally recommend to get high quality foundation, primer and makeup brushes, other products like lipsticks, beauty blenders, nail colors, eye shades are the ones that you can go for the cheaper ones as well available in market. You can also avail online deals and coupons whenever they are up to save by buying products at discounted prices. However, make sure you keep yourself hydrated and take care of these parts (eyes, lips, nails) with natural remedies then to balance out any possible bad effect of the cheaper products. Moreover, there are some products that are available at the beauty corners when you visit malls and stores, but don’t worry, you don’t have to buy every possible thing available there. Lip primers, mascara primers, eyebrow kits, makeup wipes, face serums, face masks and makeup setting sprays are the products that you can safely skip. You can shape your eye brows well with the other products that you have i.e. your regular mascara, eye shades, concealer and highlighter. Similarly, you can simply use essential oils on your face instead of those serums and take care of your skin with the granny advised remedies like Aloe Vera, honey and all. Then, we are also not much fan of BB Creams or CC Creams. They all look same to me with various benefits written on the packaging to confuse the customers. If you apply makeup on daily basis, like for work or college, we recommend you to use tinted moisturizer along with your regular SPF. Neither these BB Creams nor the full coverage foundation should be used on daily basis. 

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