9 Ways to Increase Traffic on your Online Store

9 Ways to Increase Traffic on your Online Store
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    Jan 05, 2020

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  • In the current technologically fast era, where the world is being transformed into a more or less cyber world, the competition in e-commerce has inflated magnificently. Just having an e-store is not enough. It is essential to ensure that the e-store is responsive, attracts the traffic and generate sales. Businesses that do not focus on the performance of their e-stores may not be able to thrive the competition in coming years. Following are a few tips and techniques that can be employed to increase traffic on an online store and generate sales through it.

    Create Links with Social Media

    With the increasing use of social media with each passing day, linking your online stores with social media websites can increase the traffic considerably. Every successful business today has its prominent existence overall social media platforms primarily including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

    Paid advertisement on Social Media

    Just being on social media is not enough. One must invest in the advertisement to promote a page on Facebook or a channel on YouTube. This also happens to be one of the most cost-effective modes of advertisement. Experts must be hired for the social media marketing campaigns who know how to create engaging content to increase viewership.


    Effective customers supports for CRO

    Conversion rate means converting the visitors of your website into customers. Identify why visitors leave without buying and what is it that they look for in online stores. Employing the right analytics and survey tools, the required changes that the visitors look for must be incorporated into the design and functioning of the website to convert more visitors into buyers.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of your digital existence. Keeping pace with the latest trends and requirements across search engines and optimizing your websites accordingly is a must. Find out the right keywords to use and create backlinks to promote your web stores.


    Search Engine Marketing

    Search engine marketing does not include just the search engine optimization. Rather it is more about the paid links that appear at the top of search results. Employing the tools and tactics like Pay Per Click, search engine optimization can be improved.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is one of the most targeted modes of marketing. Since the messages communicated to the targeted audience through email marketing are tailored according to these audiences, hence the impact of this mode has been found to be significant. Tracing the target audiences from the user preferences, search trends and other modes, email marketing can potentially seek the attention of these target audiences and stand out among the rest.

    Offers and Promotions

    Offers and promotions are also a great way to increase sales on your e-commerce sites. Announce discount offers and promotional sales that are exclusive to the web stores and experience increased traffic. Those who shop in the attraction of the sales and promotions may visit again if they enjoy a fulfilling experience on your site.

    Reaching out to Bloggers and Press, PR marketing 

    Identify the external modes of marketing in the digital world. Bloggers and press are great to start with. Get the blogs written that are relevant to your business niche and publish them on your websites as well as on the third-party websites to promote your content. This will increase the amount of content generated that is relevant to your business and will ultimately lead to the optimization of the website as well.


    Feature Reviews and Feedback

    Reviews and Feedbacks must be featured from the buyers and users of the products or services that you offer. This will build trust among the first-time buyers and may trigger them to make a buying decision based on these reviews.

    Use these simple yet effective techniques to upgrade your e-commerce sites and to generate more sales through it.

    Final Word 

    Once you start approaching all these techniques in a sensible way, you are no more away to grab sales to your ecommerce platform. Farosh wishes you best of luck for more traffic and conversions to your ecommerce platform.