Bilawal Bhutto tested positive with the novel COVID-19

Bilawal Bhutto tested positive with the novel COVID-19
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    Nov 26, 2020

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  • Chairman PPP, Bilawal Bhutto tested positive with the novel virus COVID-19 as he announced in his tweet on Thursday, 26th of November. Where this COVID-19 is being the fate of ordinary masses, so does it affect the leadership of political parties too. Before the Bilawal’s COVID-19 positive, opposition leader National Assembly and Punjab Assembly, Muhammad Shahbaz Shareef and Hamza Shahbaz have also been tested positive with the deadly COVID-19.

    Following the news of his political secretary, Jameel Somro tested positive, Bilawal had voluntarily self-quarantined him as he uttered a few words in his tweets. Adding more to his tweet, he let his Twitter audience know that he had been tested positive with mild symptoms of the fatal virus COVID-19.

    Onwards, he would be working from home till he recovers and would be addressing the PPP foundation day via video link, Bilawal tweeted. Being a responsible leader, he didn’t forget to advise the people of Pakistan and urged them to wear masks on a priority basis.

    Looking back into the recent history of Bilawal, he just got back to Karachi after running a month-long campaign in the GB elections. Bilawal Bhutto also attended the PDM’s rally on the 22nd of November in Peshawar as well.

    In order to keep the Pakistani audience tuned with the growing COVID’s statistics, NCOC is a national institute working under the Federal government. The NCOC’s website is already open to the world on the internet where one can easily look into Pakistan’s statistics associated with the COVID-19.

    Today’s statistics with reference to the NCOC’s website are also share-worthy as well as alarming. With the effect from the last 24 hours, 40 deaths have also been reported. A total of 46,000 tests have been conducted at different laboratories in Pakistan. Out of these 46,000 tests, 3006 have been tested positive with the deadly COVID-19.

    For more convenience, you can keep reaching out to the NCOC’s website for COVID-related stats, news, and much more on a daily basis situation in Pakistan. You can find comprehensive details separated on a provincial basis too.